A not so modern Teen in a modern world
Certified by SEO in Practice
Certified by SEO in Practice

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My Projects

You can catch up and look at my projects (active and old alike) here. I want to showcase my projects so I can see where I need to improve too. So enjoy and maybe you won't feel too bad for me.

User Experience Focused

"If anyone can make you happy, I will!" I keep these words in mind when I take on a job or project, because if I know someone CAN make you happy, then I will able to too. I stay focus on doing the project correctly while also taking a strong focus on the user's desires.

Contact me

You can reach me 24/7 with email and I'll reply as soon as I see it! That's the beauty of email. Send me an email and forget about it! You'll be seeing a reply from me shortly anyways, so no need to worry about me not seeing it!